Friday, November 1, 2013

An Interview with Grigoris Drakakis

I want you all to know a new face in the Romance Cover Industry that I think will be on quite a few covers in the near future. I have my cover in my mind, now just need him in the shot I want for a new series... I had seen a few photos of him on facebook, on some of my friend's pages who are authors and then oh happy day, he sent a friend request :-) So without further ado please enjoy this little interview from Grigoris!!
~A chat with Grigoris Drakakis~ First off I want to thank you Grigoris for taking the time to answer some questions.~ I know a lot of times myself included we see covers on books and we don’t always think there is a real face behind that cover or don’t give it much thought… So I wanted people who have liked my author page, read my books or are connected to me on twitter to know who is the man behind the face who will grace some of my future covers. Who I think will be a new, big name for the covers of the Romance Genre.~ So hello Grigoris, can you tell everyone when and where you were born? It’s obvious with your name you aren’t from Maine ☺ Also is this your real name?~ First of all I would like to thank you for your nice words an also to congratulate you for your work, I would be really very happy to co-operate with you at some point in the future. So I was born in Greece, Athens, where I was living in Kholargos the first years of my life and then I moved to Lavrio since now. I have lived periodically in USA for job reasons doing modeling. And yes this is my real name. Now I know from reading another interview the answers to some of these questions but for my readers. Are you Single?~ Yes at this period of my life I'm single as I have put my career as a priority, but who knows? If the right person is found then this might change. How did you get into modeling and how long have you been doing it?~ In the beginning I started it just to get some extra money but in the process I realized that I love modeling and is something that I do it happily! I started it almost five years ago. What was your first big modeling job?~ I don't want to differentiate any of them, I have done many nice jobs in different areas of modeling like in major catwalks, photo-shoots in magazines, I have participated in TV-spots for beg companies and also on TV-series. How did you find your self on the cover of “Much Ado about Vampires”~ I believe that I'm very lucky that I was chosen for Katie Machalister's cover because she is a very good writer who's work has been mentioned on the New York Times. Do you act?~ I have a proposal for an action movie in Los Angeles. I believe it will work out nicely. Do you live in the city or the countryside?~ I live in the city. Do you have any pets?~ Yes I have a dog but in the future I want to create a mini farm. Will you becoming to the states at any time in the future?~ I will be in USA end of November. What do you do in your spare time? When you are not modeling?~ I like gym with weights, boxing, listening music and going to the cinema. I want to thank you so much for taking time out of your very busy schedule to answer these questions. I look forward to working with you in the future!~ I thank you and looking forward to work with

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  1. Would love to know where he will be in the states this month!! Wonderful interview!!