Thursday, August 8, 2013

End of Day 2 of RNC Convention

This will be quick as I am really tired. We had a wedding tonight and then a costume ball. It was a blast. I may not be the best dancer BUT I love to dance . Us women all danced together and this author was enjoying herself. I allowed myself to have one drink and that was enough to unwind, be brave enough to dance with Julian who was dressed in leather and a western hat. Needless to say. I worked up an appetite since once I started dancing I didn't stop.All us women who really out numbered the men couldn't wait for men to dance with us so we just group danced I am hoping I can sleep later than 4 am tomorrow. Today classes were great and I learned so much! Night all!!

Day 2 RNC Convention 2013

Good morning world. I am still on ES time and so this girl who went to bed after midnight woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4 am!! I also had a migraine so take medicine and then I can't sleep again. BUT seriously now the sun will be up soon and our alarm to wake up will be going off and then get dressed, get breakfast and start our day. Monica and I are small town girls and for me being in 'Vegas baby' is quiet exciting and exhausting. It's (I am still pinching my arm by the fact I am here), have met my cover model Jimmy Thomas. He is even better in person. Met his mother and so many of the ladies I have talked to over the last year through his site and or street teams that I belong to because of him. I just want to say quickly this is Jimmy's first convention that he has planned from start to finish. For him to pull off a convention of this size and magnitude is awesome. He is wonderful and, well there aren't enough adjectives to describe him or what he is doing. It's all positive and though he may be thinking what can I do to make it better? or Should I have done this or that? He simply ROCKS!!! I appreciate it ALL!!!! Shannon Reads who has been right there doing everything she can to help with this convention and make sure it runs smoothly, Honey you are amazing. All this will work out beautifully. It's all a learning curve for all of us here. You are mortal and you also ROCK!!! Deep breaths and enjoy, cause I think this convention is wonderful. One of our own authors had a medical emergency yesterday and it taught all of us to watch out for not only each other and make sure we were all drinking(water) but eating and resting... but keeping an eye on ourselves and listening to our bodies to stay healthy. Cause if we get sick we can't be here to help or enjoy. This convention is showing me what I need to do for next year and how to plan and basically as soon as I get home I will be planning right away for next year's convention.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 1 of RNC Conevention 2013

Well I am sure this will be added onto as the day goes on. It's 6:37 Vegas time. My roommate opened her eyes for a few seconds and has gone back to sleep. I seriously need a pot of tea and some kind of nourishment. Monica and I did eat last night, spaghetti and meatballs and big glasses of milk :-) Boy do we know how to have a good time in Vegas or what?? :-) I am sure things will get more lively as we head into the convention. We arrived the day before hand and the convention starts today, later. Those of us who are here will get together at 9am. The Golden Nugget is huge and in the old part of Vegas on Fremont street.I will be able to post photos as I go along. Haven't seen Jimmy Thomas yet. Monica said they were working pretty much up until I arrived. When I arrived other authors were behind me and I saw InD'tale editor TJ MacKay talking with authors. Also the man who met my cab and help me out from my demented cabbie said "Are you with the Romance Convention?" With a big smile I said "Yes!" I managed to or thought I had lost my baggage claim ticket and after checking in and walking to almost the elevators I am like "where is my baggage claim ticket?" Now had I listened to Monica I would have found it but being as tired as I was I still thought it had been in my hand and I had dropped so I told her to wait and I ran back looking on the floor as I went and then ran outside to find that guy. He was at his post and he saw my look cause he said "What's the matter, Author, Mary Moriarty?" "I lost my baggage claim ticket... do you have the # so I can give it to the bell hop when he arrives with my bags?" "Not a problem, I will call him right now and tell him you lost it and you will be fine." :-) Well I run back to Monica and we get up to our door and I feel my back pocket... and it's with my ipod... I know one thing I am happy to be on the ground, not flying. The flight itself was fine, I had the extra leg room but we had some IDIOTS on the plane... Now what does "Power down your phone and all electronic devices" mean to you? Do you continue to use those electronic things as the plane taxis to the runway , like take a call on a phone that should have been off??? idiot # 1 gets a call as we taxi, after we were late because we didn't have pilots... that's another story. I roll my eyes cause the guy is right next to me in the seat next to me. I am like you can't be serious he is talking away... and the flight attendant says "Please turn off your phone, now..." says it 3 Xs > I'm thinking to myself this can't get any better. Oh it did. idiot #2 was behind me and he all of a sudden calls someone... Was this a plane load of idiots or what?? I raise my eyebrows and look at the flight attendant and he is probably thinkingWhy me lord? Seriously my thoughts were running Don't make me have to climb over my seat and rip that freaking phone out of your hand... I need tea :-) Will keep you all posted.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

RNC (Romance Novel Cover/ Convention) 2013

Well I am at JFK and trying to find an outlet that works. Yea I can go over to these counters near me and slide my credit card... BUT I don't think so, not going to happen. The one I am plugged into shows no power going to my computer. That stinks!! I board in about 2 hours so not too long now. I will probably go walking again soon and see if I can find some snacks. I had a good lunch when I arrived, skirt steak and lobster bisque. I have been watching facebook and some of the gals who are attending the convention are either in flight now or have arrived. My roommate Monica is there, whether she has been allowed to check in yet I don't know.It's only 1:06 there and I think check-in isn't until 3pm. Apparently someone who already arrived thought their extra night was part of the all inclusive price. I am sure Jimmy Thomas is pulling his hair out. Tomorrow officially begins the convention and I will write to update when I can and post photos on my facebook. Everyone have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Convention and other thoughts & sundry things...

Well like I used to read to my children We're going on a Bear Hunt... I am going to a convention, not just any convention but Romance Novel Covers 1st annual Convention. Here is the link It's Sunday morning and I am leaving on a jet plane on Tuesday morning. To say I am excited is an understatement. I will be meeting a lot of authors that I have been talking with the last year. Connecting with them on a couple author or fan sights we all have a lot in common. We are readers, a lot of us are writers and we all love Jimmy Thomas. If you see him on my cover you are going to think he is just another pretty face. Yes, he is that. He is also an incredible person and is doing EVERYTHING for the convention and us as Author's and attendees. My hat goes off to him or since I don't wear a hat my helmet. Yesterday for the day we trained at my fire department with our new extrication tools. It was awesome but hard work. We got to tear apart and cut into two cars. This morning I was feeling it for sure. I thought when I got home I could easily fall asleep and take a nap. I showered cause this girl stunk... and then did house work. Leave 4 boys various ages from 19 down to 10 home and when you get home the house is well, looks like boys that age were home. They all try though so I was happy with what was done and the effort.So I just spruced things up. We brought home a platter of sandwiches from training. That along with macaroni salad and cookies and I knew as soon as I got home they would be plowed into... Daniel who is small and 10 years old ate 3 whole sandwiches, plus a whole cookie. The cookies were huge... One of our small town groceries French & Brawn is wonderful and always provides us with the best food ever for these trainings! I love to read and there are certain magazines I find relaxing to read or to look through. In one recently, the Editor of this magazine on re-doing kitchens mentioned a favorite movie of mine because there were a few scenes in the kitchen. In Something's Gotta Give it features a stunner of a kitchen. I for one would be happy in one the size of mine, just reworked with more counter and cupboard space. But the kitchen in my house was what sold me because of the large window looking out onto the back yard. It now has new windows. I hope with time to re-do the whole thing... from the floor up. BUT what I am getting at. In my first book in My Beloved Vampire series One Thousand years to Forever I feature kitchens or the characters working and living in and around the kitchen. Here is a review from a reader on Amazon and I think I found a bond to a reader which makes me happy. 4.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable August 1, 2013 By Ethel Staats Format:Kindle Edition I found the story to be very enjoyable. I enjoyed also that Katherine had a life and family and it all connected with the others very well. 1 Comment | I think that writing this story and bringing real life into this novel about a love story of a vampire and a woman he has loved for one thousand years along with incorporating family into it helps. For me depending on the season the kitchen is my room and life centers around it. When my daughter MaryKate lived at home we did a lot in the kitchen and it would be really crowded because we were creating.Also at the station when we cook down there it brings everyone in there as a family and I love it! So if you haven't picked up a e-version of my newest bookOne Thousand Years to Forever please pick up a copy. I will be running contests again once I am back from the convention.