Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 1 of RNC Conevention 2013

Well I am sure this will be added onto as the day goes on. It's 6:37 Vegas time. My roommate opened her eyes for a few seconds and has gone back to sleep. I seriously need a pot of tea and some kind of nourishment. Monica and I did eat last night, spaghetti and meatballs and big glasses of milk :-) Boy do we know how to have a good time in Vegas or what?? :-) I am sure things will get more lively as we head into the convention. We arrived the day before hand and the convention starts today, later. Those of us who are here will get together at 9am. The Golden Nugget is huge and in the old part of Vegas on Fremont street.I will be able to post photos as I go along. Haven't seen Jimmy Thomas yet. Monica said they were working pretty much up until I arrived. When I arrived other authors were behind me and I saw InD'tale editor TJ MacKay talking with authors. Also the man who met my cab and help me out from my demented cabbie said "Are you with the Romance Convention?" With a big smile I said "Yes!" I managed to or thought I had lost my baggage claim ticket and after checking in and walking to almost the elevators I am like "where is my baggage claim ticket?" Now had I listened to Monica I would have found it but being as tired as I was I still thought it had been in my hand and I had dropped so I told her to wait and I ran back looking on the floor as I went and then ran outside to find that guy. He was at his post and he saw my look cause he said "What's the matter, Author, Mary Moriarty?" "I lost my baggage claim ticket... do you have the # so I can give it to the bell hop when he arrives with my bags?" "Not a problem, I will call him right now and tell him you lost it and you will be fine." :-) Well I run back to Monica and we get up to our door and I feel my back pocket... and it's with my ipod... I know one thing I am happy to be on the ground, not flying. The flight itself was fine, I had the extra leg room but we had some IDIOTS on the plane... Now what does "Power down your phone and all electronic devices" mean to you? Do you continue to use those electronic things as the plane taxis to the runway , like take a call on a phone that should have been off??? idiot # 1 gets a call as we taxi, after we were late because we didn't have pilots... that's another story. I roll my eyes cause the guy is right next to me in the seat next to me. I am like you can't be serious he is talking away... and the flight attendant says "Please turn off your phone, now..." says it 3 Xs > I'm thinking to myself this can't get any better. Oh it did. idiot #2 was behind me and he all of a sudden calls someone... Was this a plane load of idiots or what?? I raise my eyebrows and look at the flight attendant and he is probably thinkingWhy me lord? Seriously my thoughts were running Don't make me have to climb over my seat and rip that freaking phone out of your hand... I need tea :-) Will keep you all posted.

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