Tuesday, August 6, 2013

RNC (Romance Novel Cover/ Convention) 2013

Well I am at JFK and trying to find an outlet that works. Yea I can go over to these counters near me and slide my credit card... BUT I don't think so, not going to happen. The one I am plugged into shows no power going to my computer. That stinks!! I board in about 2 hours so not too long now. I will probably go walking again soon and see if I can find some snacks. I had a good lunch when I arrived, skirt steak and lobster bisque. I have been watching facebook and some of the gals who are attending the convention are either in flight now or have arrived. My roommate Monica is there, whether she has been allowed to check in yet I don't know.It's only 1:06 there and I think check-in isn't until 3pm. Apparently someone who already arrived thought their extra night was part of the all inclusive price. I am sure Jimmy Thomas is pulling his hair out. Tomorrow officially begins the convention and I will write to update when I can and post photos on my facebook. Everyone have a wonderful day!!

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