Thursday, December 27, 2012

first leg of our trip to Cambodia

Well how do I explain what happened on Wed. night in NYC at JFK... We arrived after a delay because of the weather and gathered our bags. we got to the area for EVA Air but had to wait till 8pm for the check-in area to open. No problem we have time, our flight wasn't scheduled to leave till 12:05AM. Finally we can check in. I have two big bags, the boys each have one. they go to other people I go way down the line, get done and come back up to stand with Pat and Kyle. Kyle finished up and came to stand with us. Pat finishes up and we are about to walk away when the ticket agent or whatever he was says "Sir" to Pat. We turn and he says, "You are only going one way? Do you have a Visa??" "No" Pat and I say in Unison, you don't need one till you enter... "Yes you do" says the man. w are standing there staring at him and I said we have never needed one prior, we are Americans, we have never needed to have a visa prior..." we went through this for about 1/2 an hour back and forth. He said since Pat only had a one way he needed a visa prior..." I said "No" So I get out my phone and call Brendan in Cambodia. I am rapid fire talking asking him if he since he always goes one way did he need to do this? "No" he tells me. he got so upset so quickly and the EVA Air said pat can't board unless he has a visa or buys a two way ticket..." I am about to bang my head on the counter, Pat is about to give up, Bren is screaming in my ear... So I hang up with him and call my daughter MaryKate who is engaged to the Prime Minister's nephew... I tell her the same thing. Like Brendan she is yelling at me to tell them they are wrong... "I did." I said. Both told me I had to be firmer... I am trying everything and "No go" for Pat. They said they would call Immigration in Cambodia to see if he could have permission. We go sit down and Pat is already given up. I am so upset but not ready to give up the ship... So the calls back and forth from Cambodia are going fast and furious. i am telling MK. "Tell Cheat(Chee-at) to call someone... with his family and connections. So finally MK starts calling back with questions and Cheat in the background. they want his passport # and ticket #... In the mean time I get on my facebook and ask friends for Prayers and positive thoughts. Anything to help. A lot of my friends respond from all over the world, Kenya, Africa, Australia, NH, California, all over. I was on the phone with a friend in Florida and texting Bob. In the meantime because brendan is still yelling at me and MaryKate is doing just about the same thing I am getting pissed. Not a good frame of mind to be in an airport... BUT pissed I am getting and I get on the webpage for the Royal Cambodian Embassy and it says "Visa upon entry... So i go armed with my ipad and run upto the manager who is handling us. I show him and tell him, just give us a waiver form. My family in Cambodia will handle it. "Wait." Says he. Me: "I'm tired and wicked hungry and I'm not going anywhere without my son." I think I stamped my foot. he said "wait" I go back, Brendan calls again and says he is sorry. I am shaking by then. I can only go so long angry.No news and then a woman is walking towards us, with an official look. She comes up and says "Miss You come with us, we get your son's boarding pass, you board the plane... We received a call from your family and the Government in Cambodia. Everything is fine..." We are looking at each other and I tell Bren we can board... So we went through security and finally were able to get on our flight. So now we sit at the gate, more Cambodian's come down to get ready to board, hearing Khmer is neat. I haven't slept in I don't know how long. I am not going to check this too much, just post and hope there aren't too many mistakes. So this Author who is also a Fire Fighter is Mother first and foremost. Who you wouldn't want to cross.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My trip

Well I have my new iPad mini that I will be using when in Cambodia. I'm trying to get used to it before leaving as this will be my primary way of updating and telling you all about my trip. It' taking just a bit to get used to. Once I arrive there I will figure out where is best to find wi-fi also up in Siem Reap when visiting Angkor Wat.