Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 2 RNC Convention 2013

Good morning world. I am still on ES time and so this girl who went to bed after midnight woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4 am!! I also had a migraine so take medicine and then I can't sleep again. BUT seriously now the sun will be up soon and our alarm to wake up will be going off and then get dressed, get breakfast and start our day. Monica and I are small town girls and for me being in 'Vegas baby' is quiet exciting and exhausting. It's (I am still pinching my arm by the fact I am here), have met my cover model Jimmy Thomas. He is even better in person. Met his mother and so many of the ladies I have talked to over the last year through his site and or street teams that I belong to because of him. I just want to say quickly this is Jimmy's first convention that he has planned from start to finish. For him to pull off a convention of this size and magnitude is awesome. He is wonderful and, well there aren't enough adjectives to describe him or what he is doing. It's all positive and though he may be thinking what can I do to make it better? or Should I have done this or that? He simply ROCKS!!! I appreciate it ALL!!!! Shannon Reads who has been right there doing everything she can to help with this convention and make sure it runs smoothly, Honey you are amazing. All this will work out beautifully. It's all a learning curve for all of us here. You are mortal and you also ROCK!!! Deep breaths and enjoy, cause I think this convention is wonderful. One of our own authors had a medical emergency yesterday and it taught all of us to watch out for not only each other and make sure we were all drinking(water) but eating and resting... but keeping an eye on ourselves and listening to our bodies to stay healthy. Cause if we get sick we can't be here to help or enjoy. This convention is showing me what I need to do for next year and how to plan and basically as soon as I get home I will be planning right away for next year's convention.

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