Thursday, November 14, 2013

Working on a website and contest coming up !

Well I have finally bitten the proverbial bullet. Yesterday I started working on a website... My oldest daughter, one of three of my children who still live in Cambodia is doing up her own. She is going to have an online shop for children's clothes, made in Cambodia. Well looking at her's gave me the courage to finally try. At first I was like "OMG I can't figure this out!" Was pulling my hair and doing a whole lot of talking to the screen. After a few hours I was starting to get along just fine. This morning after some writing time I got back on the page. I have a few glitches here and there BUT I figured out some stuff that I couldn't yesterday. So I am happy. I kinda deleted something and have to work out that but again I am not too upset... yet. It amazes me that I am actually doing this. I would much rather be writing, so I do throughout the day. Then I get back to the web page and work things out, adjust this and that. Move things, figure things out and voila! It looks half way decent. I will keep at it till it looks great. Also I will be running a contest in conjunction with the release of "I've Been Waiting for You" on December 15th. There will be swag and a gift card to be given away. So until next time...

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