Saturday, November 30, 2013

From Start to finish

When I started writing I never dreamed I would be as involved as I was with my books. With the publication of my first book The Kings of Angkor, it was basically write, edit and that was it. With One Thousand Years to Forever and now with the second one, I've Been Waiting for You, from conception, writing, editing sending to my editor, working on edits and then sending to my final editor and formatter... well you would think that is it. No, it's just the beginning. You have to get out there and push without (I hope) being obnoxious), Keep your name out there. Provide some freebies in hopes that you will make a connection that when your next book comes out, people will be more likely to purchase. This time last year I was working on OTYtF and had some contacts. This year I have a great deal more contacts and three books out. Am I on the NY Times Best Sellers List yet? No, but I am as an author trying to write really good books that people will enjoy... see me as a personable author who takes the time to say hi and hopefully that will help. I am after all writing for enjoyment and for my readers. I love to write and that's really important. So maybe someday I will have a book on the NY Times Best Sellers List. But first and foremost happy readers. So remember when you read a book from one of your favorite author, a lot of work goes into these books.

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