Sunday, November 10, 2013

My InD'tale Review for One Thousand Years to Forever

On Monday, late afternoon I went and peeked at the November issue of the magazine InD'tale. I was a bit timid about reviews, though I have received very good ones so far... but to get one from a magazine like InD'tale... Well I was saying to my self If I receive one of 3 stars that will make me happy, it will make me work that much harder. I dared not hope for a 4 star or higher... So slowly I turned the pages through the reviews till I arrived at Paranormal... Then I turned to page 73 and there was my book and next to the cover was a Crowned Heart and under the title is not three stars or four but FIVE stars! It received the Crowned Heart for Excellence also! It also earned itself 5 teakettles... Five Star Review With Crowned Heart for Excellence, InD'Tale Magazine Reviews Review for One Thousand Years to Forever
"The characters and the plot are woven beautifully! Moriarty did a wonderful job melding thousands of years of history with current day without missing a single beat. This novella is truly quite a gem!" ~Julie Caicco~ InD'Tale is a great magazine and gives the Indie and Self-Published Author such as myself a voice in the publishing world. Thank you goes to InD'Tale it's Editor TJ Mackay and to my reviewer Julie Caicco. Do I now sit back on the laurels I received? No, it gonna make me work that much harder to make my next books even better.

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