Sunday, September 29, 2013

The life of an author

Some people have different visions or perceptions of what it's like to be an author. There are the JK Rowling's who have made it and made it big. Who have an assistant who probably has an assistant. Where I live I have two authors in my town who are pulitzer prize winners. Then there is me... I write and edit, send my edits off to my editor the old fashion way, hard copy in the mail. Easier to work that way to find mistakes. I have no assistants. I do all my own paperwork and mailings for promo. I try and stay on top of things... the important word in that sentence is TRY. I am trying to get a hang of all the online stuff to get followers but more importantly people who will find my books and buy and then tell their friends. That's another important aspect of being an author, making the contacts and making lasting relationships. I try to write back right away to anyone who does a review for me. I also send out books to winners on my author page. For me if I have contact with any of my favorite authors like Elizabeth Peters(Mystery), Pamela Kaufman (Historical) Sharon Kay Penman, I treasure it and hope at some point to get to their level. I would love to be able to write a sweeping historical novel some day. There was an author who was at the convention in August that I attended in Vegas. She said it's important to get books out at least every six months. I am trying at this point. I think it's easier for those who have nothing but themselves and maybe a partner. I have my kids, my job(FD),helping with coaching(X-Country or Track) depending on the season. So for me to do that is a bit pushing it Even in those two running seasons I find my own running/power walking to lack. I want even my small works(novellas) to be quality. So if you find an author. Do reviews for their books when you read. It does help. Share their work, tell friends and family. It helps

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