Monday, September 23, 2013

Writing a synopsis

What with the kids in school, the weather getting cooler I will be inclined to be in more during the day while the house is quiet... unless I get a fire call. My hours though are limited to 8:30-3pm. Then off to X-country. Last week I helped hubby run wires for a house so it forced me to turn my schedule around, write very, very early (like I used to), then late at night(which I am not too good at.) Today I have one home sick so I haven't the quiet house I would like BUT I have my iphone on with Coldplay.That band has helped me a great deal to create. I'm hoping for some magic today in writing this sin-op-sis. My print version of "One Thousand Years to Forever" is now proofed. Waiting on some copies. Had found some typos even after two editors. It's frustrating but with this next book hope for ZERO. Everyone have a lovely day!!

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