Friday, July 26, 2013

Finding a Great Cover Artist

Its a rainy friday here in Maine. I don't mind the rain though because it forces me to stay inside and create. Sometimes though creation has to take a back seat and more important things like when life takes a front seat. Yesterday was a busy day in many ways and I won't bore you with the details but later in the day my dear husband came home and said I think we need some alone time... and since it's our anniversary why don't we go out? I was at first not so sure cause the day I was having didn't make me want to go out but the boys had leftovers and we had errands to run first so I said sure. We got the errands run just before dinner and then went to one of our favorite restaurants . It's called "Fresh" It's a quiet little place tucked down on Bay View Landing. We sat, I figured I would just drink water and have tea later BUT I was starved. So we ordered and I talked with the bar tender. He also works at my favorite bagel shop in town. We talked of him moving in a three short weeks and he asked about me, about what I was up to and I told him about the convention coming up. He said "I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about you going..." I said "you and me both." Went back and while Bob was in the mens room my phone went off telling me I had an email. I checked it cause I don't like to be on my phone when Bob is around. It was a note from Jimmy Thomas and it was about two very crucial pieces of my advertising for the convention. To say when I received the email I wanted to scream was an understatement cause I wanted to get home and try and take care of it ASAP. I was also thinking I don't have a clue how to take care of this JPEG to get it to the specs for what is needed .But I tried not to panic though panic was about to the top of my throat and I was feeling it choke me and I'm not being dramatic cause I had less then 2 days to fix this... Bob came back and saw the look and asked what the matter was and I just said "Got a note from Jimmy, have to fix something... and I let it go... for the time being. Towards the end of dinner Anya Kelleye came to mind. I thought maybe she can help. So as soon as we got home I wrote to her on facebook and sure enough almost right away she got on and said give me a half and hour and I will get on here when I get home. Now she is a cover artist but also has another job so I am sure when I contacted her and copy&pasted the note from Jimmy she had many other things to do besides my problem... probably one was getting home and taking care of family and home. By then it was close to 8 my time and I think she is on central time, maybe not BUT what I am getting at was she was coming home from work and she said she would get right back to me. I felt 100% better knowing if she can she will... She got on and asked some questions and said she still had my file from another question I had. She then said she could do this for me and will probably have it done tonight(last night) but tomorrow(today) by the latest. I was like over the moon happy cause she was taking time out of her I am sure very busy schedule to help me and for something if I had looked a lot earlier it wouldn't have been a problem but then not hearing from Jimmy till I asked him a question and he is right out straight handling everything for this convention. (let me interrupt here to say) There are some great people out there in this business who bend over backwards go the extra 100 yards to help, one is Jimmy Thomas and the other is a great person and great cover artist Anya Kelleye. She was able to take my jpeg and fix it to fit for the specs for what was needed and she was going to send to Jimmy herself today. Now when you look at my cover for my book One Thousand years to Forever, that is also my cover page on facebook. The original art was done by cover artist Char Adlesperger. I love her work so much my second book "I've Been Waiting for You" was also created by her. I have come to recognize her work and I absolutely love it!! So if you are an author who wants to self publish and think how am I going to find or get a great cover? Your worries are over. Go to: Or you have a great photo that you want to create for a cover but don't know how. Not a problem go to: She not only has her own page but she is on Romance Novel Center's page: She can do covers for e-books and print and everything in between. Go to her page and check it out. She is great to work with. Will take the time to answer questions and for me last night telling her I don't have a clue what to do and she said "OK. Let me get home and on my laptop and I'll get back with you. I know what he needs. Give me half an hour OK? ;-)" That tells me a lot. First she is a great person to deal with. She is real and she cares!!! So bottom line need a cover artist, contact Anya. Want great covers check out Jimmy Thomas's site. He has done over 5000 covers and not only is he a handsome face he is super sweet!! He works super hard for all the authors who know him and he is proving this 110 times over with what he is doing to bring this convention in Vegas to fruition. Thank you Anya from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Jimmy for doing what you do. Also though I have never talked with her a big thank you to Char Adlesperger for creating my original art for my two covers.


  1. This post almost made me cry. The reason is that I've known Anya for so many years I can't even count, and I know that everything you've said about her is true. She's a true friend, and she cares so much about other people. She's also my cover artist, and she's done everything in her power to make sure I'm happy with my covers. In fact, I'm the reason she started doing covers. And she's done some of those last minute things for me, too, so I know what you mean about that. :)She deserves a mention, and I think it's wonderful that you've done that in this post.

  2. Thank you Lauralynne. She was amazing and it made me feel great knowing she knew just what to do and took care of it so fast and without saying "Um, I'm kinda busy but maybe tomorrow..." Knowing she was coming home from work and saying I will jump right on it was huge for me and staying up late cause she was still up after midnight and then some... So glad you read that and responded. Will you be at the convention? Hugs to you!!!