Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Up and Coming Convention Romance Novel Convention 2013

I am super excited because I am going to my first ever convention as a writer and it's being put on by the cover model who is on my 2nd book. It's none other than Jimmy Thomas. He has graced more than 5000 covers and is still going strong. Who wouldn't want him on their cover, well unless you have a husband like my writer friend Monica Hall and she has her husband... but anyway back to this convention, check out the web site and I think you will agree with me that it's going to be one of those occasions that you won't want to miss. I also want to say Jimmy has done all the grunt and leg work for this convention and that's why we all love him because not only does he help us authors out by providing some of the best stock images for us to use for covers at a very reasonable cost, you can also have him shoot custom shots and the price is still really great. You see it's always a win, win situation. You get a great cover for the best price and then with this convention he has done everything from picking who will be there for classes and all the entertainment to bringing everything we have sent him for the swag bags. He is driving the U-haul himself from LA to Vegas so it won't cost us an arm and a leg to have stuff stored there at the hotel. I think that speaks volumes. If you can't make it this year, think about next year. http://romancenovelconvention.com/rnclasses/registration/


  1. Awwww, I love this Mary! Thank you :)

  2. You are more than welcome!! Can't wait to meet you :-)