Sunday, May 5, 2013

Publishing process

This time around for my novella that will be out in June, exact date I will have a better idea soon... I am doing everything myself. I send my work off to two editors and they have basically been finding the same things wrong so that's good. They both give me impute that I need and with this last time when my manuscript came back it had very few things wrong. That means we are getting things done. I have had my cover for some time on "One Thousand Years to Forever:The Making of a Queen", it gave me something to look at as I wrote. The cover models for OTYTF are awesome but then again anything with Jimmy Thomas on a cover is awesome. I am going with SmashWords this time so have someone recommended by them to format my book which if it was me, this book would never see the light of day. As you can see my constant writing companion is my Max He is here to watch over me and to keep any intruders at bay, as he is now. I had made an offhand comment the other day and said when I saw the "Game of Thrones" and Time Warner commercial with "Where's my Dragon" I said "Oh, I would love to have a dragon..." My husband said "Oh, where can I get you one?" I can't even imagine having a dragon. Max is protective enough. If the dragon got upset with someone or thought someone was bothering me he would be scorching the whole place... where as Max barks and jumps into the air and follows me all over. So getting a book ready is exciting and exhausting. I carve out just so many hours and then I have the rest of my life to take care of. Then the people and animals in my home and life in general... Like three sons, a husband ,4 dogs, five cats and a hamster. One son is doing track and with about 109 kids +/- they needed volunteers so I came and said I would be there on practice days and at the meets. There are three coaches and usually myself and maybe another on practice days. So I have been learning everything there is to learn about track and field, especially high jumps . Normally if I was still in the writing process I would use any time that wasn't writing time to think about my next scene. Since I am in the editing mode I am free after I get done in the morning to just not think about writing, though that's pretty hard. I'm going to be really kickstarting the sequel to The Kings of Angkor soon. Once OTYTF is off to SmashWords then I can concentrate on writing again. The sequel to OTYTF is done and it' been sent off for the first time to be looked at. That too has a cover that is all set. So things are coming together nicely.

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