Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It's a perfect day for writing or editing. I find myself going over my work and falling in love with the characters all over again when I start to read the story as I edit. When I was working on The Kings of Angkor I thought like the story 'The Lioness' that I wrote before hand. I can't possible love these characters (Anna & Nurung/ Princess Indradevi and Jayavarman as much as the story before... I was wrong. I was wrong but its really like being a parent. You have one baby and you pour all your love into that little bundle, your heart swells and you think I am in love. For parent when they have their 2nd baby and I went through this, the thought of 'how can I love this new baby like the first...' BUT as soon as you set eyes on that newest little bundle it's love all over again... It's the same with writing. If you create some awesome characters you fall in love. I write romance. I also love heros bigger then life. Kinda like super heros. No, life is not like that, we don't have super heros like Iron Man, Thor or Super Man. We do have heros that walk among us that's for sure. But we have writers who create characters and some of the heros are beyond anything that would walk this earth... BUT that's ok, that is fiction and when life is dealing out way too much for us to handle like last week I re-treat to a safe, quiet place, even if it's for a moment and read and all is well. Or in my world I write. I know from a reader's view point (my viewpoint) I love a strong hero. Now I read a book a few weeks ago... The Dark Heroine. It had me involved, a great hook right from the beginning BUT the supposed hero was disturbing. I found him abusive at best or worst. I know the heros I create and ones I tend to gravitate towards, They move heaven and earth to rescue the woman they love. Nothing and I mean nothing gets in the way. NOT that I want or write a heroine that is in need all the time. She has to be able to kick some serious butt but we want a man ( in our stories) who gives her that freedom but also protects and saves when the time comes. The song "I need a Hero" comes to mind. My newest novella "One Thousand Year to Forever" will be out in June. I can't wait for my loyal readers to read this one. Though it's just a Novella I think you will see this story is a love story with some special characters.

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