Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reading, writing, editing and mayhem oh my!!

Where did I get that snappy little title?? I pulled it out of the air :-) BUT seriously I have been getting a lot of editing done. Would have been done Friday with editing again on "One Thousand years to Forever:The Making of a Queen" had I not had a couple of things thrown at me from real life... so alas I will have at least two more days of editing... then get my work back to my editors. Yes, I have two now. It's amazing working like this BUT I am finding the two find about the same things and this time around (second time) I have less to fix. Yea!!! Thursday gave us a brief overview of what Spring might be like... it was fleeting and Friday was windy and freaking cold!!! I like to power walk in moderate temps and hate doing wind. If it's chilly , that's ok, I can just bundle up a bit but wind that sucks out any air you are breathing in and doing all uphill well not my cup of tea... BUT power walking gives me a chance to think out my writing. If I am writing plan my next scene. The music I play helps me to get up a pace but is also some of the same music I use to inspire. I was looking at the wood last night that I will use for my desk. We are having one built for me to cover the length of a wall. I was going to go out into the office/barn BUT decided to stay in the main part of my house for now. So the next couple weeks will be busy, renovation time. Lots of hammering, sanding and stuff. I found a vintage typewriter that(no I won't write on it.) I am a purist in some ways BUT not that. I love my laptop and having a MacBook Pro for the last 2 years has made me spoiled. BUT I do have this neat typewriter that I will put on my desk... to inspire. I also found a neat old copy of a painting that is in the original frame and bubble glass. My son Joe loved seeing the typewriter but when he saw the painting he said "Who is that??" Me:,"Um, I don't know..." Joe: "BUT then why have it...?" Me: "It's old, it makes me think and inspires me. Who knows how many looked at this painting, figuring the age of it. I wanted to give it a new home instead of the antique store. So I will be surrounded by new and old things and a couple windows to look out when I am writing. The purpose of this photo... another thing that authors and readers alike, like to look at at. Have a wonderful day!!

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