Friday, March 22, 2013

This is just a dream...

Well today is my birthday. I got the boys off to school then went and got my driver lic renewed . I also was able to take my vision test without my glases so I was able to have that restriction taken off my licence. Yahoo for me!! Well, while driving over to the licensing office a song came on the radio and it's also on my ipod. It's "Just a dream" by Carrie Underwood. Now in my van I play country, but on my ipod I have everything from classical, country, heavy metal, classic rock. I am always on the lookout for new music to listen to. One, I find it very relaxing or inspiring depending on what I am doing. Well this song if you haven't heard it, go find it on youtube and listen to it, watch the video. It evokes such a sadness. A sadness that someone who has just lost someone they loved. It brings out all those feelings. Especially when you are listening to it over and over to create a scene in a book. When writing my 2nd book but first in the series of the two that will be coming out soon, it's title "One Thousand Years to Forever" . It opens up with a pretty dramatic scene that required me to watch a video over and over and then to just listen to just the music to get the sense of utter loss and destruction of all that is good in this world... BUT something has grown from that. Bravery beyond anything I think the people who were behind this attack ever thought would ever come. Anyway you will know once you read. BUT the next scene is a funeral of a husband. The wife who was also with the husband for a time during this cataclysmic event, she is trying to make sense of what is happening. It's the funeral of her husband, best friend, lover who has been wiped out of her life and she can't cope with it. Her sadness is in a sense overwhelming. BUT she finally finds a way to cope and express the feelings of sadness which then turns into anger and rage. The way she finally handles it is the way a woman like her would and should. So that is my thought today. Next week I start editing again. Everyone have a wonderful day!!!

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