Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where reality blurs with fiction

The Kings of Angkor:Army of a Thousand Elephants is a work of fiction but in this work of fiction are some characters who walked this earth 832 years ago. They were kings of Cambodia, all of South East Asia for that matter, at the peak of Angkor. Also I look into one of the queens of Jayavarman VII . Her name was Queen Indradevi. The photo I am including is of her sister who was also queen and married to Jayavarman along with her sister. They were queens at the same time ruling with their husband over a vast empire. Her photo came out the best when I managed to get to Preah Khan back in January. They were tucked away, off the beaten track. The corridors are a maze and unless you know where you are going you could miss them. Their walls and ceilings are coming down BUT the way the rocks have fallen it seems to be fine for now.Giving them a fine little shelter. Many though thought they were just more apsaras BUT upon closer inspection you can see they are indeed different. Jayavarman actually has his queens in different spots throughout his complex that he built. He was the builder king after he put down the Cham rebellions. So with the photo I want to include a short excerpt from "The Kings of Angkor" You can find that book through amazon. ~ Anna stood in front of one of the supposed queens. She looked at the notes of the photographer and then at the statue. She stood just inside Preah Khan's inner temple. Nurung stood behind her. "What do you make of her, Anna?" He stared in awe at his queen. She stood thru the ravages of time. Now, The two faced each other. One a silent sentinel, the other a wondering scholar and professor. He watched as Anna traced Indradevi's eyebrows. "At first glance, you would think these eyebrows were braided... though how in the world it could be done ...on a real woman? But see, I think the photographer is right. It was where the jewels were, they were hacked off I'm sure of it." She turned bright eyes on Nurung. "Look, touch her. Doesn't she seem real? Likes she wants us to find out about who she is."~

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