Friday, January 11, 2013

Tuk-Tuk ride

My daughter got home we had a birthday party for her helper Day. Then we took the kids swimming in the pool down stairs. It was good, help work off some of that sugar that they consumed from the cake. Then I went with them when they left to go to school. Day goes to college and the kids go to Elementary and K1&K2. So I tell Day. "Have the Tuk-Tuk drop you all off first then I can go to the waterfront..." We cross the Japanese bridge and I double check with her by asking her again "first we go to drop you and the kids off?" "Yup." We go around the circle and head towards the waterfront... I tell Day, "No, we go drop you off fist cause I want to keep the Tuk-tuk driver for a while and that way he knows where to bring me and I don't have to dicker or argue over location and price... (All done in Khmer) So she tells the driver... we have to then go under the bridge and reverse our direction. We drop off first her and Rheaj and then we head to the little ones school. Drop them off. So then I am alone with my Tuk-tuk driver. I ask him to now to take me to the waterfront and does he know the FCC? "yes" Good :-) This is all done talking in Khmer. We took our time and I finally got there after a relaxing ride. He said he would wait and I went to the cafe to relax and take in the scenery. Not so much the physical scenery BUT people watch. I enjoy that as much as anything He brought me back after double checking to see if I wanted to go anywhere else, like the markets. So now I need to pack. I will have to see what should go where and bubble wrap the fragile items. I had visions of going back with my small suitcase inside the big one... won't be happening.

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