Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last full day in Cambodia

Well I arrived here on the 28th of Dec. Started the New Year of 2013, went to Siem Reap and visited the temples of Angkor Wat. It was truly an amazing trip. Meg had been there two times before and she still hadn't see things that we saw when we went. For the temples that I wanted to see we got a lot done. I had wanted to get up to Preah Vihear BUT that will have to wait till next time. There was another one I wanted to see BUT the most important ones I saw and explored. I saw my queens, walked where they and Jayavarman VII walked. I talked with locals. It's amazing how even my simple Khmer, because I never spoke like my kids. I could and can understand most but was never rapid fire like the older kids. Well I started up a conversation with the old Nun who was at Preah Khan. She is in photos of some of my Cambodian friends. I took some photos of her too while I sat down and talked with her for a few minutes. She was burning incense at the stupa of Jayavarman's father a former King. Then I taked with two older men. One had been Megan's guide on her last visit. They had been impressed that I had come so far to see their country and try to find the little shrines of those queens who ruled with Jayavarman VII. The air is cool as I sit here. In the afternoon this side gets the sun and it's really hot. So I am enjoying the time of coolness. It's not exactly quiet though. Horns blow, I can see in the distance a small pickup truck overloaded with people. Work is being done on a building just down the small alley. Someone down the street is working with a sledge hammer and an air compressor for something is putt-putting. An Ambulance's siren is wailing as it travels down the road. New Year's eve as Megan, Mel and I came back from going out for drinks and dinner an ambulance passed us, siren wailing in the night with it's lights flashing. We had full view of the dramma unfolding as the attendant was performing CPR. I wonder if that person made it? Well I will close. I hope the few post I have put up here you have enjoyed. As I have said with the internet being what it was it should be easier to get photos uploaded once I am home...

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