Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Writing Process... Blog Tour

I want to thank Julie L. York for inviting me to this blog tour. I met her last year in Vegas at the first RNC 2013 convention put on by Cover Model Jimmy Thomas. Julie has since been one of those friends that can answer a question if I don't know. Does my formatting and is the last editor to look my things over. She is awesome! What am I working on right now? Well I am working on this… No, seriously I have three projects going at the minute. I am happiest when working on a lot, it seems… One is the revision of my published book The Kings of Angkor: Army of a Thousand Elephants. It was published back in 2012 . Once the contract is null and void I plan on self publishing it with a new cover, and tighter insides. I was not happy with my experience with the publisher but that is hind sight. It is all good. Then there is Redemption at Midnight that is the Third in My Beloved Vampire Series. I have really loved working on this series! Book One is, One Thousand Years to Forever and then, I’ve been Waiting for you. The last project at the moment is a Prequel/ Novella and it comes from My Beloved Vampire with a vampire and a witch. Its title is The Witchling Grows Up. The vampire showed up at the end of Redemption at Midnight and begged for his own story and HEA. Since I am a panster.(will get into that more later) I know the general outline of my story but then allow my characters to tell their own story. He just kept appearing and how could I turn a handsome vampire down… The guy that I pictured when this vampire showed up was none other than John Antorino. I found out about him from an author friend and contacted him. At some point in the near future we will be working together on the cover for the sequel to The Witchling Grows Up. I can’t wait! How Does My Work Differ From Others of Its Genre? Seriously I don’t know if I am any different aside from the fact with my vampires love a big family. I guess you would say I focus on family and the caring aspect. Bringing out a side of the vampire that isn’t shown. Yes, they love blood. Yes, they love sex. They are sexy creatures or even erotic. Mine have shown they can be very caring and compassionate but don’t mistake these guys and women for being cute and cuddly. They are creatures of the night and have needs, wants and desires. As they age they can control their needs better. They are when need be, killing machines or creatures. They can clear out a nest or cell of terrorist very quickly. Since I firmly believe there is more to this world than we see and hear about. I believe because of stories that have come down through the ages that there may just be creatures of the night out there. With every story there is a grain of truth. I just keep an open mind. Why Do I Write What I do? I love Romance. Life can be hard enough. Someone at the PO, a worker asked me (because he knows I am a author) I spend a lot of time at the PO… When was I going to write about every day stuff like the normal? Honestly I love to escape the everyday? I need that. I think everyone does to some degree. I love to write a romance where a big handsome guy comes and save the woman and possibly the world where the story takes place. I love paranormal, Vampires, ghost stories so I write what I love. I can’t read what I write though. I also love history and am doing research for a future project that will have (gasp) no paranormal, no time travel… It will take place during WII and The Greatest Generation. How Does My Writing Process Work? I am a panster like I mentioned before. I have an idea and I may stew on it for a while. The idea may have come from a family member like The Kings of Angkor. My son Brendan Moriarty asked me to write for him. He makes movies. At age 19 he made a full length feature film titled The Road to Freedom. It may come from a song or something I read about. I have an idea, depending on the idea it may need no research or it may take a great deal. With two of my future projects I am doing a great deal of research . I love books, I love research. I am a geek when it comes to that. I am quite happy with my nose in books and or at the library pouring over stacks of material. I also own my own research library with books on history, dress, different dictionaries… Below are a few photos of my work area. I was fortunate that my hubby saw a need for me to have my own desk so last year had a carpenter friend build me one that is about 12 foot long. When I am in the middle of a project I have rough draft copies that I work off of when editing. Also tons of books and or dictionaries and reference books at my finger tips. Once a week I organize all my post-it notes which I scribble notes to myself on. It may look like chaos but I know exactly where everything is located and can picture just where everything is. If someone comes to my desk and touches anything I know right away... So that is a little bit about this author and my writing process. Look me up on facebook at or on Amazon for my books Thanks for stopping by, say hello when you have a chance.


  1. I work with a guy named Moriarity ... not the most common name ever, although it looks like the spelling is a little different.

    But ... a firefighter writing romance novels? That's just crazy! Wait ... I do that. :-)

  2. Sorry I just saw this :-) Yea, Moriarty has some different spellings BUT mostly it's in Ireland and Celtic spelling where a lot of the family still lives in County Kerry. So you are a FF or you write Romance?